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What Features Should Be There in the Best College Software?

The world wasn't the way people left it a decade ago, a lot of innovation has advanced technology & the field of education is no exception to this. The colleges and schools in our society becoming a breeding house for the upcoming generation, it is perfect to have the perfect technology in place to make learning convenient and easier. And startlingly, more advanced and amazing technologies have been exclusively developed for this education field. Among them is the best college software system that every college looks to be discussing.

This college management software is a must-have for every educational organization that wants to range higher heights as well as want to be recognized for academic excellence. As all of us know that management brings a large chunk in education institute, mounting up larger cost as well as human resources. However, with the commencement of the college ERP system, these have been very much reduced & it has made a condition for superior academic performance with its amazing features.

With the help of this article, we will be analyzing various essential features of the college management software and the way each of these features has very much influenced educational organizations in positive ways.

1. Efficient Accounting Mechanism

Finance is a very essential and very basic part of any college and university because it completely deals with money. Depending on this, every educational organization must keep appropriate financial records to keep away from going bankrupt and to be able to plan as per their budget. Doing each of these with human resources requires a lot of time as well as open to errors. However, with the assistance of this software system, all your accounting requirements will be sorted out as well as organized the better way.

2. Accuracy in the Entrance Test as well as Merit Lists

The second feature which makes things much easier than you can think. The admission procedure of colleges is generally cumbersome because of a large numeral of applicants. Managing this kind of process is very difficult and could be a reason for the errors. But with this amazing college automation software system, it is now completely feasible for colleges to systematize all the requirements which each student requires to meet before being offered compile entrance exam results, admission, arrange merit admission list, and handpick students which are allowed to the scholarships.

3. Capability To Manage Staffs efficiently

Contrasting elementary universities, schools, and colleges generally have a big number of staff. Having management of such a multitude is hard without the help of this amazing management software. With the help of this college software, we can keep track of general well-being, all staff's salaries, the rate at which they go to the class and a lot more.

4. Library Management

The management of the library is another difficult section in colleges. However, with the assistance of this amazing college management software, librarians, as well as other staffs of the library, are competent to keep the precise track of each of the materials which go in and out of the library with easiness

5. Timetable Generation

Deciding on classes is no doubt one the messiest act to organize in colleges because of a large number of classes which are to hold regular and the teachers and lecturers to take them out. Determining this devoid of any error can be much difficult. That is the reason exactly why this amazing college software is a very essential thing to have for every college. This software system is competent to generate classes, set the teachers and lecturers to attend each class devoid of any single mistake.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best software development assistance from Softecsol and make your college perfectly managed. 


School Automation System: What challenges can be resolved through this software?

Each organization is exposed to deal with a huge amount of student information. Keeping up heaps of papers and packages of records covering each student's information, with exactness is an evident headache, particularly when the student tally is going up each year. It's a dull procedure as well as expends a significant lump of their time which can simply be used to concentrate on instructing and taking up other significant undertakings. Rather than working for quite a long time on irregular administrative work, it very well may be put resources into a student's scholarly or non-scholastic improvement.

The School automation system gets the float and worth your time. A school ERP productively automates the work process and streamlines the in-house procedures of education organizations, saving incalculable hours boosting their profitability all things considered!

Productive Home-School Engagement:

Parental association and commitment assume a key job in student progress. It's considerably progressively significant today as working guardians would will, in general, put some distance between their kid’s school life.

The parent-school communication application assists guardians with being side by side and team up with educators consistently utilizing their savvy gadgets. Guardians can follow the youngster's academic and co-educational performance, share concerns, pay fees and substantially more!

Staff and Student Data Security:

Information security and worries as to the equivalent has been doing adjusts for quite a while now. Somehow still, there is a hazard for data robbery or individuals losing sensitive student data. With the school ERP framework installed with the cloud, teachers never again have anything to be worried about. They could base ERP framework gathers, saves and holds the information at an incorporated area, with job-based get to prevent the chance of information burglary and hacking.

Improved Performance of Student:

It's huge for the student to perform well and get passing marks reliably. A student's presentation is legitimately reliant on the learning condition. A positive and provided food learning condition enlarges a student's points of view and adds to their greatness in scholastics.

It's just out of line to anticipate that educators should follow a kid's presentation exclusively when they are overburdened with other non-instructing assignments. To beat this, a school ERP is a one-stop arrangement.

Automate examination procedure with school automation system

In case you are an educator who is ignorant or uncertain of all the different advantages a school ERP can offer to assessment forms, at that point underneath are the reasons why you need to consider picking one immediately for your school software.


Exam automation: What are some benefits?

Not any more manual association and management of tests that make disarray and worry for instructors. Educators are relied upon to work all the while on a few perspectives associated with assessments that influence their efficiency as well as prompts error. Invigilation, answer sheets revision, and so on can cause extraordinary pressure. With automated programming, a lot of desk work diminishes. Educators can devise and transfer question papers on the framework, saving time and leaving no degree for extortion.

Optimized Result:

The conventional assessment process incorporates student enrolment, getting ready move records, making test schedules, guest plans and much more. It expects one to be mindful while dealing with every one of these means. Manual techniques regularly lead to error and bugle. You would now be able to streamline all the procedures with effective school management programming. Likewise, the information is coordinated naturally and put away on a solitary platform.

Report Generation:

The school management framework mechanizes the procedure it is assisting with creating reports effectively. This saves time allowing educators the chance to oversee different undertakings. Additionally, the opportune reportage assists a student with working at their exhibition from the beginning. This product helps in creating various kinds of reports like the term-end report, assessment report, year-wise report, subject report, merged report, and so on. These aides in breaking down individual student performance.

Any school's goal is to offer improved figuring out how to its students and to break down their advancement every time through various assessments. The outcomes delivered by foundations must be exact, very much kept up and effectively available to guardians and students the same. A school automation system from SoftecSol assists with keeping up the solid performance management of each student in the school. 


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School Software: What kind of features you can get from the best software?

School's is turning out to be exceptionally keen nowadays by actualizing and incorporating on the school software in their everyday assignments. A student like putting away student affirmation management, student fee management, student library management are getting so natural.

School Management Features:

Student Admission Management Software:

Affirmation management for a student is an extremely large undertaking for any school. To store grade-wise record for a student who has applied for confirmation, selection of student based on their legitimacy list, distribution of classes and roll no. These exercises need to have taken additional time if it’s done physically. Automated software can save time and decrease efforts for the student confirmation process.

Student Fees Management Software:

In student expenses, management module must have the option to store every single student's name, their class data, their move number, and data about charges like pending sum and post-paid measure of school expenses.

Student Library Management Software:

Library Management Module can store ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for every single book. it is a unique code which allows to each book so the book can distinguish effectively. At the point when a student gives any books from the library, Student's number can store before the books ISBN code. A wise library management software can figure fine naturally who submit issues book after the due date.

Transportation Management System:

This framework must think of vehicle following the framework with the goal that guardians and directors can know the situation of every single vehicle. Every single student has doled out an alternate vehicle for transportation identified with their transport course.

Participation Management Software:

This management framework can follow non-attendant and presentee record for every single student. Participation record should store according to their name and grade-wise. Course or subject savvy participation record with school software assam.

Hostel Management Software:

This framework can record all the records who are living in a hotel and their dispensed rooms. The product can undoubtedly distinguish empty room or future space for settlement.

Timetable Management System:

This framework can oversee student timetable just as teacher timetable. It can likewise oversee and designate teachers according to their subjects, If any instructor is missing then it can likewise show the name of those teachers who are allowed to take the intermediary address.


SMS Automation for Schools:

Mobile clients flood up each year. There are three normal mobile interchanges benefits that are predominantly utilized around the world, these are SMS (Short message service), Voice call, and MMS (Multimedia message service). Among the best three referenced services, content informing service is exceptionally well known by youthful matured clients and embraced pleasantly by a student in colleges and school. SMS or Content informing is charmingly used by its client as it conveys benefits as far as speed of transmission at the less expensive expense.

The utilization of content informing can have the stunning capacity in case it will be incorporated into the PC. With a software method by the specialists to create an automated content informing framework, it will give extraordinary assistance in messenger work. In Schools and Universities, automated SMS can have an essential principle in improving their services, all the more especially, in conveying data going to parents and students like evaluations and education cost articulation. Moreover, it is exceptionally helpful in scattering fast gigantic data drive about their exercises and generally for limited time purposes, like new courses offered, to support the institutional name of the School.

In the web, you can discover a few SMS arrangements suppliers focusing more on schools and colleges. A few firms build up a customized SMS package and will charge a onetime expense with a month to month retainer charge. Others offer it with membership charge or per SMS utilization. Among the rest, people ideally suggest an item named.

Their framework is down to earth to such an extent that conveys better by and large advantages both for schools and student.

Savvy school software can be handily incorporated, modified and relocate to another current framework. A school management framework from Softecsol must be secure and versatile and can be gotten to outside the school condition.

College ID card printing Assam: How They Help?  

In every school, college and even in working place the important is the identification cards. The Id places an important role in every place to identify who you are to others. With this card, every individual plays an important role in their in college and working places. The card reassembles about your designation in the college. The id with colour code used to identify the level of work and the responsibility among them. The College ID Card Printing Assam is the most anticipating and provides unique services to its clients. The cards are well unique and design according to the client's favour and professional formation in it.


Benefits of Identification card


The printing services provide various function and they are used to satisfy the user with their required things. The cards are issued with a unique identity and to developed the separate foam individually formation. The college id provides for the students, faculty, staff and the co-worker. The campus provides the students with identifying the details in easy ways. As the ID cards are a serial number with codes to separate their department, year and class according to the serial number in it. The id comes with personal details like their name, address, DOB, mobile, and blood group of every individual.



Id cards are used for payment in the cafeteria. Access for separate rooms like labs, library and administration rooms the id plays an important role in it. The ID cards are used to print with a well professional with a college name on it. The ID cards are allowing others to create awareness about who you are and what destination you belong to. With the help of id, you can be easy to find in thousands in the college. The ID card can develop a greater sense of security, accountability, and efficiency. By creating personalized badges and ID cards for the students, attendees, visitors, and others.


During the live events in the campus ID cards play an important role and the volunteers are easy to recognize. The printing services provide the basic and variety of professional design in it. The college id should be a unique design and world-class professional and colour on it.




ID cards are used for various purposes on the campus over college. They are used for tracking the person with the help of the ID cards. The premises provide the keep important records and containing the valuable records of data of entire colleague. The cards with chipset will able to identify and track the entry and exit times are noted on it. With cards means you can easily people identify for approved the visitors. The activities on your premises will be feeling safer on it. With the secured function you can be easier to be tracked.


Ease of Use


The ID card systems are complete and ready to go with the minimal setup right out from the box. You won't have to worry about having just the printer or having to purchase extra equipment to be able to create your ID cards. 


No Guesswork


You won't have to spend time researching to figure out which kind of tape or cartridge you need for your specific model. These items aren't always included with a printer, though many people assume they are. 


Replace Card


If the cards are loosed or missed somewhere you can log in the id with the unique code and get it soon within some days. The ability to print a new card right on-site when your student or employee needs one is a great benefit to everyone involved and another reason to invest in one of the ID card systems available.




The ID card is usually lamination for various purposes which help to overcome any sort of problems and issue on it. After the lamination process, the card is well preserved with unique and they are protected from the liquid sort of items. The lamination will provide the well professional looks and give respect to look for others among you.


Printer services


The college's ID card printing Assam services provide give the clients with low cost with high five and professional cards design to the college. You can mail the documents to the printing services providers and get the printing materials within time. The printing paper is a well quality that does not damage and lasts for long.


Softecsol is offering the best and high tech services in the industry. Contact us now to get the best quotes. 


Upgrade the school with an Affordable Mobile App Development

Can organizations, institutions, and businesses prosper without the technology boost and the benefits of automation and software these days? Robots may be grabbing jobs done by humans, but that is another matter. School management software comes as a great blessing to make sense of the daily work stress and organize studies and staff duties, classes, and examinations effectively. Only through software, it is possible to bring every department of the school under a single umbrella. Tap a few buttons, and all the crucial school-related information opens up for easy reference and feedback. Now that easily portable mobile phones have conquered the world with advanced technology get the Affordable Mobile App Development for the school and experience a refreshing work ethic where administrative problems will slowly vanish.

A Google Play Store download waits


Whether it is a newly established school or an old one needing to modernize, getting the app from the Google Play Store is the beginning of a great success story. School branding, trust, and credibility will be significantly boosted, and the mighty labour of school organization and maintenance, keeping track and managing students and teachers would be vastly simplified. In a sense, the app resembles a structured book with chapters and sections dedicated to different aspects of the school. Instead of working with so many cumbersome hard copy files to find information and enter accounts and records, attendance, and homework, won’t software be so far more convenient with the supreme advantages of automation and AI? Get the Affordable Mobile App Development download as soon as possible.


Now that even the kids have a working knowledge and basic understanding of how the internet and software work, learned through gadgets, games, and social media, everybody concerned will enjoy using it! The mobile app will not be a white elephant but serve important practical uses daily for teachers and students, parents, and administrators.

A mobile app that reflects the school character


Customized and personalized, just like the dress you wear, the mobile app symbolizes the values and shows the school logo. The choice of colours and designs represent the actual school buildings and uniforms. Built by education professionals, the school spirit shines though and inspires students and teachers. Updates make sure that changes are quickly made. Digital Education Management Software power has no limits, and many wonders are possible, as many accounts in one app and numerous attachments possible like circulars and notices.


A complete school working record


The day to day administration of even a home or small office of a few individuals can be a complicated process. In a school, hundreds of students and maybe a dozen teachers make it a hellish experience. A smooth organization and setting up an orderly working system with minimum loopholes would be possible with the app. With classrooms playing the most critical roles, teacher duties and student attendance, time tables, and syllabus, everything is found within the app. Glancing into classes through CCTVs would be possible too.


Homework, tests and examinations, academic calendar, school events, and holidays, everything is found within the app with changes easily made. Parents are getting more confident that the boys and girls are safe and hard at work, quickly tracked anytime.


The SOFTECSOL researched and designed Affordable Mobile App Development comes as a divine blessing indeed.